Overland Adventure Products is an effort combining the expertise of Ryan and Danielle Apple. Together we have dived right into the world of metal parts and accessories for adventurous spirits and their vehicles. We started this company because there was always something missing from our collection of items that we took with us on our adventures. The experience was just not as fun as it could have been and we started to brainstorm some ways to make it better. We couldn’t be the only ones with this problem! So we set out to design things that would make the experience a bit more put together.

Our parts

We sell parts for retail and for wholesale. If you are interested in wholesale manufactured parts, please contact us for more info by email: overlandadventureco@outlook.com.

Our tools

Welding and fabrication experience has brought Ryan into the realm of making everything out of metal that he ever wanted for his own explorations. With the Torchmate plasma table, our options nearly limitless! He is making the reliable, super cool stuff you have been looking for and have finally found!

With a BS in Graphic Design from CSUS, Danielle uses her graphic design skills to design products and make calls on visual communication found in promotional items.

Our policy

Honesty and precision. We know what it is like to order the perfect item for our rig and we don’t like being yanked around anymore than the next person. We try to be precise so that you know what you are getting, and when we do not know something, we can find it out for you! Additionally, when we are working with you on a custom order, we hope that you will be able to provide us with precise measurements. Also, there is not anything here that we would not use ourselves.

Please see our shipping, terms and conditions and return policies for more information.