Grouse Ridge

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12:39 probably isn’t the time to start a hike, but after a week of being back, chained to my desk or the welder, we had the hankering to get out! Grouse Ridge isn’t a place we normally go and for some reason we almost always misjudge the amount of snow still in the mountains.

We made it to mile 4 in the Honda. Yes, the Honda. That thing that gets good gas mileage while we recover from the perils of visiting so many gas stations from CA to AZ and back. Anyhow, snow was there to greet us! And many other cars.

Penny was ecstatic about the snow! She ran around in circles, zigzaged, bit at the snow and flung it in the air. Or maybe she flung herself, it was hard to tell because she was just moving so fast.

We haven’t hiked in a while and boy did we feel it! Which meant we were very happy to reach a high point where we could look out over the granite and shale mountains, still capped in snow, but with patches of persistent manzanita triumphantly basking in the sun. And no marmots to be seen (sad for Penny).

It's a ways down there, we should come back to explore!
Penny just has to be in every picture!


This was supposed to be a quick hike, so we made our way back down. While walking,  we considered if Penny the Adventure Dog could change to Penny the Mountaineering Mutt. We were asked so many times what breed she was and we respond differently each time. “She’s part crazy”, “she’s something barky”, “she’s a mutt.” But the greatest mutt! And fearless until faced with the Grand Canyon!

Some kids were stuck in the snow down by the parked cars. Their heavy truck just didn’t make it! We stopped and helped them, as did a few other hikers. Ryan wasted no time in taking command of the situation and climbed right into the mud to let some air out of the tires. After exhausting all our usual tricks, we did find a guy with a tow strap who pulled them out with his diesel truck. Lessons learned all around! They were extremely happy to be going home after all.

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