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Americans love their automobiles. To most of us, they are more then a tool to get from point A to point B. They are more then some sheet metal welded together. They are an extension of us, of our personality.

We take pictures of them, I’m betting more then a few of us have as many pictures of our cars as we do of our families on Facebook or our phones. We take them to car shows, and we travel to car shows to see other people’s cars. We spend insane amounts of money modifying them to our own tastes and styles and making them distinctly ours.

We celebrate them with movies, books, a large portion of the magazine industry is dedicated to cars. We plan road trips centered around not a destination, but the journey it’s self. Getting your driver’s license is a huge milestone growing up. Suddenly you feel a massive amount of freedom, like the whole world has just opened up in front of you and you can do anything. People will ask you what your first car is, and you will always remember. You may not have loved that first car at the time, but you will always remember the feeling of freedom you had driving it looking at nothing but open road ahead of you,both metaphorically and in actuality.

They are so much more then just a metal box that gets us to work. For so many of us, they are part of our lifestyle. They say something about who we are. We are drawn to cars that we think represent the traits we see in our selves, and that car projects those traits to others. It doesn’t matter what kind of car it is, what you choose to drive says a lot about you. If you pick a convertible, a minivan, a 4×4, a pickup, or a motorcycle, it says something about you and your values. They also still give us that feeling of freedom.. although you have to take the time to find it as an adult.. but it’s there. There is still something liberating about sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle you love, seeing nothing but clear skies and open highway in front of you.

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