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New look!
Who doesn’t like something different? Confused people? Oh…well this beginning stage is the best time for a new look! We have only been up and running for a short time and that is best when considering a change. We decided that a different, more engaging look was for us! Therefore Danielle has spend the last week or so redesigning the website and we are looking at our logo with some scrutiny. The ability to stand out among others, and replicate the logo on vinyl, metal cut-outs and resizing is crucial.

More products = more fun! We are making sure our works in progress are what we would expect ourselves as far as quality and craftsmanship. This means product testing and that takes some time, but well worth it!

Death Valley spring break adventure is only about two months away! We are looking forward to testing some products, finding out what we will wish we had that will be developed when we get back, scenery, and of course to find out what the weather is like! So a list of repairs, gear, gas stations on the way, food, and camping. So many maps and so much wondering what roads will be open. When it comes down to it though, as long as we know what is out and are prepared, we may just play it by ear: one giant, week-long adventure!

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Danielle is a Graphic Designer most of the time and addicted to chocolate all of the time. She works at a marketing and printing company by day and helps design new custom products, website upkeep, and photography by night.

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